Volume 32

Date Title Authors
20 August 2017 Table of Contents Volume 32 Number 1 Anima IPJ
20 August 2017 Neoliberalism Within Psychology Higher Education in Indonesia: A Critical Analysis Teguh Wijaya Mulya
20 August 2017 Commentary: Education at the Faculty of Medicine W. F. Maramis
20 August 2017 External Validity of the Indonesian Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale – Fourth Edition (WAIS-IV-ID) Christiany Suwartono, Lidia L. Hidajat, Magdalena S. Halim, Marc P. H. Hendriks, and Roy P. C. Kessels
20 August 2017 Foreign Language Anxiety and Its Impacts on Students’ Speaking Competency Kathreen B. Aguila and Ignatius Harjanto
20 August 2017 Get Acquainted with Quantile Regression Agung Santoso and Tri Hayuning Tyas
20 August 2017 The Study of Intelligence Profiles Between Islands: A Preliminary Study Towards Norm Development Andika Octavianto, Mohammad A. G. Priadi, Magdalena S. Halim, and Christiany Suwartono