Volume 29

Date Title Authors
26 August 2014 Table of Contents Volume 29 Number 1 Anima
26 August 2014 Indonesian and Australian Employee Responses to Interactional Injustice: The Roles of Negative Affect and Power Distance Lydia Rahardjo and Julie Fitness
26 August 2014 Review of Learning Styles on Student with Self-Regulated Learning M. Nur Ghufron and Rini Risnawita, S
26 August 2014 The Concept of Harmony in Javanese Society Sri Lestari, Faturochman, Maria Goretti Adiyanti, and Bimo Walgito
26 August 2014 Family Attachment, Self-esteem, Religiosity, Assertiveness, and Sense of Community as Predictors of Adolescent Happiness Tina Afiatin
26 August 2014 What to Do With the Psychopaths? Treatment Successes and Failures Katrin Lieck
26 August 2014 Individual Well-Being of the Elderly in Surabaya–Indonesia and Hangzhou–China Setiasih, Adi Satria Indramawan, and Xuejiao Chen
26 August 2014 Table of Contents Volume 29 Number 2 Anima
26 August 2014 National Mental Model and Competitiveness: Transformation Towards Achieving and Progressive Behavior Ali Maksum
26 August 2014 The Effectiveness of Imagery Exercise on Improving the Technical Skill of a Basketball Lay-Up Dimyati, Sri Winarni, Tri Ani Hastuti, and Sukamto
26 August 2014 The Importance of University Students’ Needs Identification to Support an Effective Communication Process in Teaching and Learning Activity Fida Nirmala Nugraha
26 August 2014 Discharging Mental Health Patients in Aceh: A Preliminary Study Marty Mawarpury, Arum Sulistyani, Karjuniwati, Hasmila Sari, Rachmalia, Yulia Direzkia, and Subhan Rio Pamungkas
26 August 2014 Patients With Schizophrenia and Their Everyday Struggle Through the Jungle of Emotional Cues: A Study About the Theory of Mind in Patients with Schizophrenia Katrin Lieck
26 August 2014 The Reggio Emilia Approach to Early Childhood Education: An Introduction Julian Liunardi
26 August 2014 Table of Contents Volume 29 Number 3 Anima
26 August 2014 Dealing With Earthquake Disaster on Java 2006: A Comparison of Affected and Non-affected People Evelin Witruk, Yumi Lee, Bagus Riyono, Amitya Kumara, and Kathleen Otto
26 August 2014 The Role of Emotional Intelligence, Job Satisfaction and Transformational Leadership Toward Organizational Citizenship Behavior of Nurses Dewi Masruroh and Fathul Himam
26 August 2014 Masuk Angin in Javanese Healthy Lifestyle: A Qualitative Analysis Using Health and Indigenous Psychology Approaches Tommy Prayoga and Yosef Dedy Pradipto
26 August 2014 Evaluating the Validity of an Epistemic Belief Questionnaire: Evidence Based on Internal Structure, Content, and Response Process Anindito Aditomo
26 August 2014 Supervisor and Co-worker Support and Work Engagement: The Role of Teachers’ Workload Indra Wijaya
20 October 2014 Table of Contents Volume 29 Number 4 Anima
20 October 2014 Male and Female Prostitutes: A Fact of Indonesia Koentjoro Soeparno and Budi Andayani
20 October 2014 Parenting Practices and Parenting Programs in Indonesia: A Literature Review and Current Evidence Agnes Sumargi, Kate Sofronoff, and Alina Morawska
20 October 2014 Exploratory Factor Analysis for Indonesian Version of PID-5 Widhi Adhiatma, Rebeka Pinaima, Lusiana Bintang Siregar, Prischa Nova, Khristina Kencana, Magdalena S. Halim, and Benedicta P. Dwi Riyanti
20 October 2014 The Effect of Group Bibliotherapy in Reducing Social Anxiety of Gifted and Talented Adolescents Erni Agustina Setiowati and Supra Wimbarti
20 October 2014 Students’ Aspiration and Motivational Goal: A Comparative Study Between Javanese and Sundanese Ethnicities Juliana Murniati, Novita W. Sutantoputri, and Margaretha Purwanti
20 October 2014 Acknowledgement for Volume 29 Number 4 Anima
20 October 2014 Author and Subject Index to Volume 29 Number 4 Anima
12 June 2016 National Mental Model and Competitiveness: Transformation Towards Achieving and Progressive Behavior (Full Version) Ali Maksum