Volume 26

Date Title Authors
26 June 2013 Daftar Isi Volume 26 Nomor 1 Anima
26 June 2013 Developing a Culture-Adequate Intercultural Competence Program for Indonesian Students Hana Panggabean and Juliana Murniati
26 June 2013 Translating the Health Belief Model into Contextual Community Intervention: A study on proper hygiene practices of mothers of children with diarrhea Kwartarini W. Yuniarti
26 June 2013 Effectiveness of Traditional Games to Increase Ethno Cultural Empathy Taufik
26 June 2013 Empathic Caring Consultation (ECC): Will It Be Able to Improve the Quality of Care at the Health Centers? Johana E. Prawitasari and Olivia Hadiwirawan & Hening Dwi Handayani Sri Winarti and Intriaty
26 June 2013 Interior Color Concept for Behavioral Therapy of Autistic children based on Lovass Method (ABA) Sriti Mayang Sari
26 June 2013 Family’s Social Support and Psychological Well-Being of the Elderly in Tembalang Dinie Ratri Desiningrum
26 June 2013 Effectiveness of Sensory Integration Therapy in Children with ADHD (Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder) Tia Rahmania and Devi Wulandari
26 June 2013 Personality, Subjective Well-Being of Senior Citizens, and Their Living Arrangements Selvi Agustin, Vivi Setiono, and Hartanti
26 June 2013 Daftar Isi Volume 26 Nomor 2 Anima
26 June 2013 Communication Skill in Selling and Salespersons’ Self-efficacy in Insurance Business Desak Nyoman Arista Retno Dewi and Supra Wimbarti
26 June 2013 Self-Identification and Trust Towards Ingroups Juliana Murniati, Hoshael Waluyo Erlan, and Rayini Dahesihsari
26 June 2013 Discrepancy Between Knowledge and Behavior Among Mothers of Children With Diarrhea Kwartarini Wahyu Yuniarti
26 June 2013 The Effects of Peer Attachment on Delinquent Behavior (A Meta-analysis Study) Elly Yuliandari and Sugiyanto
26 June 2013 Subjective and Projective Measures of Thesis Writing Procrastination: Real World and The Sims World. Ide Bagus Siaputra, Johana E. Prawitasari, Thomas Dicky Hastjarjo, and Saifuddin Azwar
26 June 2013 Leukemia and Its Impacts on the Quality of Life of a Child: A Case Study Mila Rahmawati, Nanik, and Yusti Probowati
26 June 2013 Daftar Isi Volume 26 Nomor 3 Anima
26 June 2013 The Effect of Classical Music on Math Achievement of 6th Grade Student Wawan Wongso and Livia Yuliawati
26 June 2013 Internal Structure Test of Big Five Inventory Agus Sutejo, Ide Bagus Siaputra, and Hari K. Lasmono
26 June 2013 Perception of Family Social Support and Motivation to Recover in Adolescent Drug Users Elisabet Widyaning Hapsari
26 June 2013 Illness Perception of Asthma Patients in Compliance with Pharmaceutical Care Amelia Lorensia and Natalia Lisiska
26 June 2013 The Effects of Gender and Question Variation on Number of False Memory Paulina Maria, Teguh Wijaya Mulya, and Yusti Probowati
26 June 2013 Bibliotherapy: An Alternative Therapy in Dealing with Adolescent Problems Monique Elizabeth Soekamto
26 June 2013 Personality Similarities and Martial Satisfaction Between Husband and Wife Julian Liunardi, Listyo Yuwanto, and Soerjantini Rahaju
26 June 2013 Newlywed Couples’ Marital Adjustment Mila Pradipta and Sutyas Prihanto
26 June 2013 VARK Learning Modalities Score and GPA of First Year College Students Nadia Sutanto, Hari K. Lasmono, and Ide Bagus Siaputra
26 June 2013 Daftar Isi Volume 26 Nomor 4 Anima
26 June 2013 Children's Mental Health : A Scientific Application and Cultural Values in Daily Lives Dwijo Saputra
26 June 2013 The Effect of Emotional Regulation Training on Emotional Labor and Work Engagement Among Nurses Listiyani Dewi Hartika
26 June 2013 Family Social Support and Work Stress on Night Shift Bus Drivers Adi Kurniawan Putra
26 June 2013 Indonesian Christian International Students in Australia: (Re)Constructing Religious Identities Teguh Wijaya Mulya
26 June 2013 The Flow Inventory for Student: Validation of The LIS Listyo Yuwanto
26 June 2013 Module Development of Premarital Guidance for Buddhist Couples Vensi Anita Ria Gunawinata
26 June 2013 Cognitive Therapy to Enhance Self Efficacy in Asthmatics Nadia Sutanto
26 June 2013 Self-efficacy in Children with Reading Disorder Marcelina Rizkyati Suganda, Nanik, and Ktut Dianovinina