Volume 25

Date Title Authors
21 June 2013 Daftar Isi Volume 25 Nomor 1 Anima
21 June 2013 Editorial Volume 25 Nomor 1 Anima
21 June 2013 Cognitive Behavior Therapy Group Counseling for Reducing Work Stress Abdul Saman, Rohany Nasir, Fatimah Yusooff
21 June 2013 Subjective Well-Being of Aceh Adolescents after Tsunami: The Meaning of Disaster and Adolescent Happiness Tina Afiatin
21 June 2013 Students’ Preferential Helpers in Facing Specific Areas of Concerns: An Indonesian Study Jenny Lukito Setiawan
21 June 2013 Generation of False Memory Using Real Life Setting Rozainee Khairudin
21 June 2013 Causes and the Intensity of Workplace Bullying Ria Gunawan, Sutyas Prihanto, and Listyo Yuwanto
21 June 2013 Self-Control Therapy on the Dietary Behavior of Adolescents with Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus Nanik, Lydia Corazon Salim, and Vivi Setiono
21 June 2013 Physical Characteristics of Balinese Woman Workers in Small and Medium Industries Luh Made Indah Sri Handari Adiputra
21 June 2013 Total Ergonomic Approach in Decreasing Quality of Fatigue of Metal Crafters I Putu Gede Adiatmika
21 June 2013 Book Review: Report of the American Psychological Association Task Force on Appropriate Therapeutic Responses to Sexual Orientation Hari K. Lasmono
21 June 2013 Daftar Isi Volume 25 Nomor 2 Anima
21 June 2013 Editorial Volume 25 Nomor 2 Anima
21 June 2013 Discovering Variables of Acculturation for Sojourners: An Explorative Study of Indonesian Students Living in Germany Kwartarini W. Yuniarti
21 June 2013 Role of Sincerity and Patience in Helping Attitude of Psychology Department Students in North Jakarta Aliah B. Purwakania Hasan
21 June 2013 Domestic Violence in Lay People’s Perception Monica E. Madyaningrum
21 June 2013 Looking For Diamond From Fatherless Family: Descriptive Study of Entrepreneurial Characteristics on Fatherless Teen Livia Yuliawati
21 June 2013 Intention Consistency and Smoking Cessation Behavior in Civil Servants Y. Bagus Wismanto, Y. Budi Sarwo
21 June 2013 The Dynamics of Finding Identity as Feminine Figure in Beautiful Boxer Maria V. F. Wijaya, Sutyas Prihanto, Jandy Luik
21 June 2013 Factor Analysis of Husband Involvement in Domestic Work Francesca Tjubandrio, Listyo Yuwanto, and Soerjantini Rahayu
21 June 2013 Sexual Relationships of Elderly Males Who Have Lost Their Spouses Yumiko Nakahara
26 June 2013 Daftar Isi Volume 25 Nomor 3 Anima
26 June 2013 Editorial Volume 25 Nomor 3 Anima
26 June 2013 Spectators’ Violence at Soccer Matches: A Complex Psycho-Social Phenomenon Ali Maksum
26 June 2013 Psychological Characteristics of Athletes at the Students Education and Training Center Dimyati
26 June 2013 Hope, Social Support, Trust, and Significancy of Job Security in Improving Well-Being Ho Hwi Chie
26 June 2013 The Meaning of Life of a Single Mother Rachelia Edelweiss Firstyana and Yettie Wandansari
26 June 2013 Violence and Aggressive Behavior: Why, and How to Deal with It Suharnan
26 June 2013 Teaching Learning Pattern of Children in the Flood Area Nurul Hartini
26 June 2013 Temporal Motivation Theory: Best Theory (yet) to Explain Procrastination Ide Bagus Siaputra
26 June 2013 Church Youth Sexuality in Surabaya: Teachings, Attitudes, and Behaviors Teguh Wijaya Mulya
26 June 2013 Causes of Mobile Phone Addiction Listyo Yuwanto
26 June 2013 Student’s Perspective on Affecting Factors Towards Final Paper Work Overdue Yovita S. Gunanto, Mary P. Elisabeth, Evy Tjahjono, and Ananta Yudiarso
26 June 2013 Book Review: Plagiarism: The Internet and Student Learning Improving Academic Integrity Hari K. Lasmono
26 June 2013 Daftar Isi Volume 25 Nomor 4 Anima
26 June 2013 Editorial Volume 25 Nomor 4 Anima
26 June 2013 Self-confidence and Stress Coping Among Hotel Employees Handling Guests’ Complaints Desak Nyoman Arista R. D., James Waskito Sasongko, dan Hasan Oetomo
26 June 2013 Influence of Sociodrama on the Emotional Intelligence of Preschool Children Himatul Ulya and Erika Setyanti Kusuma Putri
26 June 2013 Sexual Behavior in Adolescent Courtship, Exposure to Pornography, and Parental Sexual Communication Sri Lestari
26 June 2013 Parenting in Multicultural Settings: Experiences of the Indonesian Mothers Yopina G. Pertiwi and Nandita Babu
26 June 2013 Effectivity of Aroma, Light, and Al’Quran Therapy to Enhance Driver’s Level of Awareness in Malaysia Yohan Kurniawan
26 June 2013 Measuring Children’s Ethnic Prejudice Srisiuni Sugoto, Sari Dewi Sutjipto, Ananta Yudiarso, and Aminuddin Mohd. Yusof
26 June 2013 Cognitive Behavior Therapy: Application of Intervention for Anorexia Nervosa Christine Santoso
02 March 2015 Total Ergonomic Approach in Decreasing Quality of Fatigue of Metal Crafters - Full Version I Putu Gede Adiatmika