Volume 28

Date Title Authors
27 June 2013 Daftar Isi Volume 28 Nomor 1 Anima
27 June 2013 Social Support and Stress Symptoms of Lupus Patients Suci Nugraha and Wilis Srisayekti
27 June 2013 The Role of Supportive Leader, Work Engagement, and Self-Efficacy in Employees’ Innovative Behavior: Empirical Study on a National Independent Company Ayu Dwi Nindyati
27 June 2013 Harmony in Difference: Inter-ethnic Harmony Model in a Pluralistic Community Taufik
27 June 2013 Effect of Prosocial Children’s Film on Reducing Aggressiveness Novia, Firmanto Adi Nurcahyo, and Maria Helena Suprapto
27 June 2013 The Spiritual Aspect in Post-Amputation Clients Arwyn Weynand Nusawakan, Yulius Y. Ranimpi, and Johanna R. Kawonal
27 June 2013 Academic Procrastination and Academic Stress in Psychology Students Tjia Siu Fong
27 June 2013 The Validity of Tarot as a Personality Inventory Dimas Armand Santosa
05 December 2013 Daftar Isi Volume 28 Nomor 2 Anima
05 December 2013 The Role of Mother Personality Traits and Mind-mindedness as Mediators of Mother Attachment Toward Child Attachment Yuspendi
05 December 2013 Exploratory Excitability and Sensation Seeking as Moderating Factors on the Mere Exposure Effect Jacky Au, Cokorda Bagus Jaya Lesmana, dan Niko Tiliopoulos
05 December 2013 The Academic Discourse of Subjective Well-Being Within a Cultural Context: Methodological Limitations and Underlying Problems Mirko Murad Sbeih
05 December 2013 Play-Based Learning to Enhance Critical Thinking Capabilities Wahyu Indra Bayu, Suroto, and Ali Maksum
05 December 2013 If “No” Say It, If “Yes” Do It! Assertiveness and Procrastination in Psychology Students Yogi Adi Prakoso
05 December 2013 Academic Procrastination and Learning Boredom in Psychology Students Wilson Cipta Cahyadi
05 December 2013 Daftar Isi Volume 28 Nomor 3 Anima
05 December 2013 Implementation of Character Education in Different Background Elementary Schools Taufik
05 December 2013 Effect of Physical Exercise on Depression in Patients at Surakarta Mental Hospital Andreany Kusumowardani, Rita Untari, Pebriyanto Nindyo Nugroho, dan Firmanto Adi Nurcahyo
05 December 2013 Perceived Organizational Support and Performance: A Meta-Analysis Study Arri Handayani
05 December 2013 Psychiatric Disorder in Renal Patients Andri
05 December 2013 Protective Factors in Resilience of Aceh Tsunami Survivors Guritnaningsih A. Santoso and Julia Suleeman
05 December 2013 Language Readability Levels of Reading Passages and Comprehension Levels of Exercises in Scaffolding English Coursebooks Lusiana Listianingsih and Ignatius Harjanto
05 December 2013 Nothing is Impossible: Effects of Anxiety on Academic Procrastination Lina Natalya
05 December 2013 Procrastination and Problematic Internet Use Dessy Nur Utami
26 August 2014 Daftar Isi Volume 28 Nomor 4 Anima
26 August 2014 Taking Humor Serious: Effects of Humor on Anxiety, Motivation, and Learning in Statistics Katrin Lieck
26 August 2014 The Role of Organizational Identification on Employee Well-Being in Human Resource Practices Indrayanti
26 August 2014 Self-Esteem and Celebrity Worship on Late Adolescents Lily Kusuma and Livia Yuliawati
26 August 2014 Hypnotherapy to Reduce Body Dysmorphic Disorder in an Adolescent Girl Elita Tandy and Monique Elizabeth Sukamto
26 August 2014 The Psychopaths’ Moral Decision Making Katrin Lieck
26 August 2014 Acknowledgement Volume 28 Number 1-4 Anima
26 August 2014 Author and Subject Index Volume 28 Anima
12 June 2016 Play-Based Learning to Enhance Critical Thinking Capabilities (Full Version) Wahyu Indra Bayu, Suroto, and Ali Maksum