Volume 27

Date Title Authors
26 June 2013 Daftar Isi Volume 27 Nomor 1 Anima
26 June 2013 ”Makro” Program: A Way to Minimize Depressive Symptoms in Teenagers Herlini Utari and Sofia Retnowati
26 June 2013 Psychopathology of Mother with ADHD Child in Jakarta's Primary School Anggia Hapsari, Ika Widyawati, and Gitayanti Hadisukanto
26 June 2013 Neurofeedback Therapy in ADHD Treatment Dwidjo Saputro
26 June 2013 Improvement of Teachers’ Ability to Carry on Positive Expectation Towards Students Lena N. Panjaitan, T. Raka Joni, Dhani Handarini, and Laurens Kaluge
26 June 2013 Stages in the Help-Seeking Decision-Making Process and Factors Involved Jenny Lukito Setiawan
26 June 2013 Exploring Same-Sex Attraction in Indonesian Churches: Teachings, Attitudes, and Experiences Teguh Wijaya Mulya
26 June 2013 The Application of Bibliotherapy on Adolescent Girls with Body Image Dissatisfaction Widyawati Hidayat, Monique Elizabeth Sukamto, Marselius Sampe Tondok
26 June 2013 Book Review: Breaking the Poverty Cycle: The Human Basis for Sustainable Development Jan Vinck
26 June 2013 Daftar Isi Volume 27 Nomor 2 Anima
26 June 2013 The Use of STAD to Improve Bahasa Indonesia Achievement in Junior High School Students Elisabet Widyaning Hapsari and Murtini
26 June 2013 Increased Environmental Awareness of Flooding through Public Activation Using Geographic Information System (GIS) and Community Video Patmawaty Taibe and Kwartarini Wahyu Yuniarti
26 June 2013 The Coaches’ Perception and Efforts to Build Character of Teenage Football Athletes Dimyati
26 June 2013 Factor Analysis of Expectancy, Value, and Sensitivity to Delay Endy and Ide Bagus Siaputra
26 June 2013 Academic Procrastination and Achievement Motivation Clarissa Sugito and Ide Bagus Siaputra
26 June 2013 Validation of Decisional Procrastination Instrument Kelvin Ling, Listyo Yuwanto, and Ide Bagus Siaputra
26 June 2013 Academic Procrastination and Perfectionism (Adaptive and Maladaptive) Devina Amanda, Ide Bagus Siaputra, and Hari K. Lasmono
26 June 2013 Book Review : Handbook of the Psychology of Religion and Spirituality Denni Arli
26 June 2013 Daftar Isi Volume 27 Nomor 3 Anima
26 June 2013 The Concept of Honesty in Javanese People’s Perspective Sri Lestari and M.G. Adiyanti
26 June 2013 Training Design to Improve Quality of Response: Training to Stimulate Application of Clarity Standard on The Elements of Thinking Fida Nirmala Nugraha
26 June 2013 The Meaning of Lay-off in the Eyes of Survivors Nadiatus Salama
26 June 2013 Value Type, Value Type Interaction, Conflict, and Conflict Management Style of House-Sharing Young Adults Agatha N. Ardhiati, Soesmalijah Soewondo, and Fitri Fausiah
26 June 2013 Reading Tutorial Program as an Alternative Intervention to Enhance Early Reading Skills in Low Socio-Economic First Graders Arinanda Pamungkas and Amitya Kumara
26 June 2013 Book Review: Firms of Endearment: How World Class Company Profit from Passion and Purpose Denni I. Arli
27 June 2013 Daftar Isi Volume 27 Nomor 4 Anima
27 June 2013 Building Pacifist Character: Islamic Peace Education for Indonesian Youth in Divided Communities Yayah Khisbiyah, Abdullah Aly, M. Fattah Santoso, M. Thoyibi, and Zakiyuddin Baidhawy
27 June 2013 Health Promotion Through Counseling and Literary Interventions: Media to Increase Breastfeeding Mothers’ Well-Being Inge Wattimena and Elisabet Widyaning Hapsari
27 June 2013 Organizational Commitment, Employee Personality Types, and Work Stress Aulia
27 June 2013 High Intensity Swimming Exercise Decline Memory Retention of Young White Rats (Rattus norvegicus) Raden Argarini, J. M. Harjanto, Choesnan Effendi, Lilik Herawati, and Irfiansyah Irwadi
27 June 2013 Development of Mobile Phone Addict Scale Listyo Yuwanto
27 June 2013 Academic Procrastination and Parenting Styles in Psychology Students Reny Iriani Loa
27 June 2013 Acknowledgement Anima
27 June 2013 Author and Subject Index Volume 27 Anima
18 January 2017 Organizational Commitment, Employee Personality Types, and Work Stress (Full Version) Aulia